The Mortal Veil

by Delta-S

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The latest volume to the Delta-S universe is The Mortal Veil, story-driven dark fantasy adventure, supported by an all-star cast. Artists including trance diva Christina Novelli, Sarah Russell, Jillian Ann, bassist Nicki Tedesco, Sheri Shaw of sstaria, Shadow of Tranquil Chaos, and LAKE.

This installment takes a darker turn as it explores nightmares and lost worlds. A ghost is trapped in a hallway lost to the known world. She beckons a nearby traveller to save her. As he explores the hallway, he is shut inside, and must figure out how to escape.

Fierce industrial sounds are balanced with beautiful ballads and haunting trance efforts. Listeners can expect a mixture of orchestral soundtracks, EDM, dark soundscapes, and memorable tunes.


released October 31, 2015


Delta-S is Lyte – vocals, piano, synths, guitars, strings, woodwinds, programming, and sampling.

Additional vocals by Jennifer Star, Sheri Shaw of sstaria, Christina Novelli, Genevieve, LAKE, Jillian Ann, Matt Watlington, and Sarah Russell.

Additional Guitars on "Vindicator" and "Panic" by Shadow of Tranquil Chaos. Guitars on "Does Love Come Here?" by Matt Watlington. Bass Guitar on "Not Coming Back" by Nicki Tedesco. Voice-overs by Jennifer Star and Aaren Tucker.



all rights reserved


Delta-S Camarillo, California

Delta-S is a cinematic electro-industrial collective spearheaded by producer Lyte.

Cut from the cloth of How to Destroy Angels, Hans Zimmer, and The Birthday Massacre, Delta-S' latest record The Mortal Veil is the third part of an album trilogy. Its cinematic sound provides listeners with a pain that they want – a grief that's enjoyed. ... more

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Track Name: I Am Alone
I thought I had it all, I thought I’d won this war.
Oh, but the child in me needs you more.
The water in my blood; the fire in your flood
Calls to me a measure that I knew before.
And I am alone. I am alone.
Suddenly. Suddenly.

Above the crashing waves, the storm began to grow.
And the ships sank to the bottom where they lay before.
I took the battle ground, but lost the way back home.
And the shades stir through the meadow in their fiery glow.

Why are you calling me through your mountain stone?
The lions are the mast, bowing to your throne.
And I am alone. I am alone. (uh huh.)

You don’t wander alone. (Through the mountain stone, child... again.)

You carried me through the stars.
Your lightning was filling the dark.
But now you’re haunting my heart.
And suddenly, I am alone!
Track Name: Vindicator (feat. Jennifer Star)
Are you ready for me?

Quand le désir est en balance jusqu’à ta foi.
Où est le fond? Down, down down.
Tu me vois et mes regrets.
Tu ardemment tu pries pour mon enterrement.

You wanna give me a reason.
Tu jettes bois au peur and your eyes just...
Burn, burn, burn. It turns your blood hot!
You want apologies. You want it. Don’t stop!

I see you now. You lied to me.
I’ll take you down – unravelling.
So beautiful. Are you ready for me?
I break you – pour mon divertissement personnel.

Get out of my space!
Don’t fight the reason!
Get out of my face.
Don’t fight, I needed somebody else!


You automate your righteousness.
Annihilate my innocence.
I vindicate. Now you listen to me.
Le temps pour vous vous honorez c’est presque fini.

Get out of my face!
Don’t fight the reason!
You always needed the lie
And you know it, and it’s showing.

Tu m’as donné une raison... c’est presque fini... (Psalm 27:1-2a)
Track Name: Alive (feat. Christina Novelli)
Now here we are...

I never thought I would let you down.
I never thought I could be the one to blame,
With me in the dark trying to figure out
Where it went wrong and how to start again.

You only get back what you put in.
Hating myself for losing you at the start,
And if everything’s gone in a moment,
Then what becomes of my broken heart.

I never felt lost till I found love.
Now here we are. Now here we are.
There’s something inside saying “give it up.”
We gotta fight to make it out alive.
Track Name: Wings of Hope (feat. Genevieve)
Dear mother, do you see the traveller?

The furthest star is brighter still
Than any kingdom standing in the potter’s field.
Our hunger wanders in the fold,
And the air of love is taking hold
Of any memory left unsung –
Stinging in my hands or caught beneath my tongue.
If I’m to wander your unending skies alone,
Can you find my heart and claim her life as your own?

Falling down in the air of love,
And the voice I know is getting louder.
Winds of time through the frozen line,
And the wings of hope are getting stronger.
Track Name: Not Coming Back
You are out of focus in the blue.
And I lose my way for you.
These tiny little finger trails
Find splinters pushing through the nails.
Hey, I think I’m flawed for you.

You know, I’m on the fence
When your eyes are made of stone.
And in my defense,
I was also left alone.
And I’m a slave when you get on your knees,
But I’m faking when you walk out the door.
I’m not coming back, I’m not moving on,
I’m not the one, and there’s nothing anymore!

I’m not coming back this way at all.
Don’t stop hangin’ on, babe,
Just finish me off.
I can’t save you anymore,
And I know no reason to move on at a crawl,
When the lies aren’t lies at all. I’m so flawed for you.

Stay on your throne and out of the way.
Go. Lead my heart astray
These tiny cracks are getting worse.
The air is thin, my heart accursed.
Hey, hey, hey... I’m sinking in your grave.
Track Name: Shine (feat. LAKE)
Do you notice me
Through the cracks in the wooden floor?
In the dark I see
The beast on the prowl –
In the wake of his eyes,
And the blood and the gore.

Forty years compromised,
Wandering from the start.
Can you find me in the night?
Can you shine through the dark?
Can you reach? Reach to the back of my heart!

Take me up or further in.
Can you pull me through the walls on the wind?
Can you reach him through the fear?
Don’t you know I was always here?
So shine, shine, shine. Shine the way home.
Strike the chamber, cold like stone. Shine the way.

Slipping against the wall.
Crumbling to the floor.
Can you find me in the hall?
Can you rush through the dark?
Can you reach, reach to my heart?
Caught in your undertow,
Swept away to what, to where? The way is closed!
Lost! Can you take me in? Can you drag me through?
I can’t stay here without you!

My trembling voice is all I hear
(You haven’t been this close to me).
Fearing what you are (I need).
Please don’t leave me, set me free.
Through the path of scattered bones,
Trees hiss, tangled in the roots below –
Reaching for my soul.

The sky ignites, the fire flares,
Crashing through the frozen ground.
The thunder rolls, the trumpet blares,
Summoning my golden crown.

The morning sun and you and you and you.
Track Name: Panic
Father, hear me now.

She said, “I don’t want to believe you,
So stay out of my head.
You said, ‘I’m not gonna leave you,’
So I left instead.”

When thunder comes and calls on the highway,
I run and hide.
Oh Savior, come and find me.
Save me! Oh!

What do you want from me?
I don’t know what you need from me.
I don’t know why you won’t tell me.
There’s a lot of things I can’t explain,
And I don’t understand.
Tell me, oh, tell me.
Track Name: Vertigo
Ravens circle overhead,
Keeping me in the dark –
Waiting for my death.
But I’m still here,
Sending notes o’er the sea,
Waiting for your song to answer me,
But it never does.
It’s just thrown to the ground. I back it up,
But the ache is turned to lust.
Your hand is reaching through the door,
But I’m lying naked on the floor, alone.

Your voice is in my head again, you know.
Stealing me away to lose control.
I’m breathing in your vertigo.
You’re bringing me your vertigo.

These demons come for me at night –
Their talons in my heart,
And voices in my mind.
I still hear them.
But any word you offer me
Might break the spell of my insanity.
Cause I’m coming back for more, it seems.
I’m stuck in twisted fairy tails
And wishing in my broken dreams.
Like fire, buried in the sun –
A sycophant, fishing for your love.
I need seduction!

Never was a gift so cold,
Tracking down those symphonies
You stole from me without a fight.
I was still inside your womb when he caught me up at night,
Where I saw the king of Tyre choking light.

Oh mother, maiden, whore, and valentine.
Mother, maiden, whore, and valentine.
Your voice is in my head you know.
Oh God, you’re beautiful.
Track Name: Need You Here (feat. Matt Watlington)
Leave me here.
Leave me here.
Leave me here.
I stand alone, I have no fear.

Looking into stained glass waters,
Need you here.
I need you here
(It’s becoming clear).

Leave me here.
Leave me here.
Leave me here
This broken faith that draws you near, you know.

I stand alone.
I stand alone.
I stand alone.
I have no fear.
Track Name: In the End (feat. Sarah Russell and LAKE)
Come along, take my hand. I’ll show you
All the beauty that I can see.
Come along, take my hand. I’ll lead you
To the light – the light I see.
And we can throw our cares away.
The love won’t stop and we can play.
And we will fly into the night,
In this endless beautiful purple sky.

Come fly away with me!
Racing so fast at the speed of light.
Ooo yeah.

Just feel the love flow, let it take you higher.
Just feel his love flow inside of you.

Do you notice me?
Over here love! Your heart’s desire.
Memories inside my soul
Ached and burned like judgment’s war and fire.
You’re here to stay.
The love won’t stop and we can play.
And we can shine into the night!
In this endless beautiful paradise.

In the night I glowed
Where the river flowed.
You were watching me.
And the forest sang
To the heaven’s reign.
You were flying like you’d never be free.

He pulled away the mirror
To see us face to face.
He cast away the fears
And crowned me with his grace!

If you wrap your arms around me,
Then we will fall together.
And if you put your weight around me,
I’ll carry you home!
Cause in the end, I’ll carry you carry me home.
Cause in the end, you’ll carry me carry you home.
In the end, that’s all that matters.